Our initial plan was to go and view the Northern Lights. Then we decided to set up a small meteorological station. We believed that we could build this station’s infrastructure in our robotics club. We began to construct the station using the Arduino microcontroller cards and Arduino compatible sensors which we had in our club. We later visited ─░stanbul Technical University to see how we could improve our project. In our discussions with the lecturers from the Upper Atmosphere Physics section we learned that there are stations called All Sky Camera which are used to observe auroras. This system is expensive and requires significant software knowledge. We thought that we could do this using a simpler method and developed our project accordingly. We planned a system that would measure both meteorological features(like temperature, humidity and pressure), magnetic field and the amount of ultraviolet rays. Using this system, we plan to measure the illumination caused by auroras and changes in the magnetic field that occur. We also plan to measure the amount of ultraviolet rays and observe changes in them as auroras are formed. We will send our data to the website where it will be stored and available to all researchers. By studying the data we obtain, we will be able to investigate whether there is a relationship between them and, if so, what the nature of that relationship is.

An important attribute of the project is that it will be the first and only station in the North Pole where the Turkish flag is flown.